Sarah Mckenzie

I work with adults who want to find deeper understanding of how their personal history impacts current feelings, behaviors and relationships. I believe that this sensitive, enriching and often challenging process generates new ways of thinking and increased capacity for authentic relationship with the self and with others.

Working alongside other dedicated professionals and with great diversity of clients has inspired me to undertake training in different therapeutic approaches including EMDR, dynamic interpersonal therapy and mentalisation – based therapy. Consequently, I describe my practice as integrative and believe that it is important to work thoughtfully in response to each person’s unique complexity. I have a collaborative empathic approach.

Specialist experience includes addiction (working alongside and independently of, the Minnesota model / 12 step); boarding school syndrome and early childhood trauma. Trauma does not have to be a dramatic and immediately life changing event, unusual or consistent distress especially in environments which are supposed to be safe may be re-experienced in the present day as shame or underlying fear in relation to others.

I am an active participant in social, political and cultural discourse and in my work with NHS contribute to a monthly cultural consultation designed to challenge and examine all types of bias and discrimination, this is an important influence in my therapeutic work.

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