Marcus Sorensen

Marcus is a neuropsychologist, multimodal therapist and interfaith minister. He actively works to bridge the gaps between spirituality, mind, and the physical realm.

A slightly longer version:

Marcus is a multimodal therapist, neuropsychologist and PhD researcher.
He works to bring a biological basis of understanding to socio-psychological processes, while also maintaining a transpersonal perspective. In short, he enjoys working from cell to soul.

He has a busy private practice combining talking therapy, energy therapy and neuropsychological interventions. As an Interfaith minister, he also provides spiritual counselling services, ceremony and ritual for groups and individuals.

Marcus is an Associate Lecturer in Cognitive Psychology at the University of Kent, where his PhD research is on interoception: our ability to sense our inner environment in terms emotions and body sensations, which is profoundly influenced by the outer world.

His research aims to contribute to a deeper understanding of how we can develop and maintain this sensing ability throughout life, so we can feel more connected to ourselves and others.
Marcus holds an MSc in Cognitive Psychology, a BSc in Psychology with Medical Sciences, Diplomas in Trauma Therapy, Cognitive-Behavioural Hypnotherapy and Professional Energy Healing, as well as an MA in Architecture, and a BA in Commercial Languages.

When not working or teaching, Marcus enjoys spending time with his young daughter, watching the wonder of life unfolding.

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