Pamela Roberts has been involved in providing expert opinion to the National and International press including the BBC, Financial Times, The Daily Mail, The Sun, HR News and papers as far afield as Gibraltar and Portugal

“Shopping addiction is therefore what psychologists call a behavioural addiction because it is an action that becomes addictive (rather than a substance). It is estimated that roughly one in ten people may suffer from a shopping addiction (but estimates vary greatly). It has been shown to go hand in hand with substance abuse disorders, eating disorders, and other impulse control disorders. As Pamela Roberts, Addiction Programme Manager at one of the Priory Hospitals in London, says ‘people with oniomania feel completely ruled by the compulsion to “shop and spend” – either for themselves, or by excessive gifting to others. The time, let alone the emotional stress, involved in online searching, social media scrolling, visiting shops, juggling credit card bills, hiding purchases from family and returning goods can cause severe disruption.’ The Priory Group estimates that 8-16% of the UK population suffers from shopping addiction.”

Vicky Reynal’s

Columnist in the Daily Mail book, Money on Your Mind: The Psychology Behind Your Financial Habits

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