“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes” Marcel Proust."

Psychotherapy & Counselling

There are times when we struggle to function, when we face emotional challenges and life issues can feel overwhelming. Often we can get through this alone but there are times when we can benefit through the support of psychotherapy or counselling.


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You might be faced with stress, trauma, mood disorder, addictions, family issues or breakdown, bereavement or issues in your relationship. Difficulties in childhood may be causing emotional pain right now. Maybe there has been past abuse, bullying, domestic violence or repeating patterns that you simply can’t make sense of. Sometimes there are issues happening right now that you just want to get some clarity around.

Struggles that have negative impacts on our well-being and sense of self can get in the way of joy and pleasure and our very sense of life and vitality. Psychotherapy and counselling is a very personal matter. It’s a precious space and time to investigate and become curious about what is bothering us and explore ways to come to terms with our difficulties. There is also the opportunity to open up potential shifts and new experiences and reclaim a sense of wholesomeness and contentment. Sometimes it can be helpful to explore the dynamics from the past that may be influencing behaviours and difficulties today, whilst at other times it’s a more current situation to consider.

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It is our intention that by supporting people to be free from the damaging psychological effects of traumatising experiences and destructive behaviours, the way to personal freedom and wellness can be found.

Problematic symptoms can include anxiety, depression, addictions, risk-taking behaviours, a sense of helplessness or hopelessness, obsessions, compulsivity, agoraphobia, panic, fear, irritability, guilt, shame, difficulty concentrating, mood swings, outbursts of rage or violence, poor sleep patterns, dissociation and withdrawal. These days we understand trauma to be complex.

Together we can explore the potential to heal that is inherent within us; to feel less overwhelmed, more connected and more able to cope with life and all its joys and with all its challenges.

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We are often asked about the difference between psychotherapy and counselling? A psychotherapist who has been a great influence in our work answered this, “counselling helps to restore equilibrium and a sense of self, whereas psychotherapy may be about the discovery of and acceptance of the self”

Psychotherapy – Long-term work to explore deep changes on many levels of experience.

Counselling – A focus on getting clarification of a specific presenting issue and over a specified short period of time.

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